directors educational access

Welcome to your activities media resource center for reviewing your performances, and the performances of your competitors. There is no fee for this access if you are a member of a competitive organization who wishes to provide your teams with this unique educational opportunity. To participate, you must fill out this form for your group to be included in any media and to receive receive the benefits granted to your group. These may include online viewing access for you to review your team performances for educational purposes, a complimentary DVD of your event performance or any other benefits as coordinated with your competitive association.





Director's Media Educational Access Form

Every performing group requires it's own separate form, for each season. For more information about this, you may read our Terms of Service.

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Director FAQ


• All teams are filmed as a result of agreements with your competitive associations, whom oversee and coordinate your events.

• Music licensing and copyright compliance for your group is coordinated by our companies for our responsibilities, and only pertains to the appearance of your team on our media sources. It has nothing to do with your responsibilities to other performing entities either national or local.

• When signing up for your competitions, you accept your circuit's arrangements to make decisions for units regarding photography, content, and conduct. They are heretofore known as our "Client" with whom our decisions and contacts are made.

• Groups do not have the authority to affect video recordings made under contract with competitive associations who coordinate performances in public venues. Alliance Media retains the right to delete, mute, or even substitute different audio if said unit fails to fill out required show information forms. Video content is owned by Alliance Media, while audio content must be licensed, and obtaining licensing details depends on the cooperation of directors, who expect to receive benefits, which will only be given when information is provided. Directors can contact us to remove unauthorized videos on social media as a benefit to your participation if we have filmed a specific performance and unauthorized views are shown. Simply contact us with a URL, identify your position as primary contact. By the same system, we will conduct scans of social media and remove content that overlaps with ours, and since removals can affect user accounts at sites like YouTube and Facebook, advising your organizations is suggested.

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